Wednesday, May 25, 2011


Today was an hour long ride, concentrating on speed.

Not just maintaining a fast pace, but staying sane while flying along at what seems dangerously fast given how little padding I'm wearing while I ride. Gary, of course, is rock solid - not a shake or shiver no matter how fast I push him, but me? I suck. As soon as I get up above 20 mph, my head starts to mess with me, no matter what I do (look forward, not down, ogle hot bike racer guy riding just ahead of me, etc...)

I'm certain the cure is just more road time, so I headed out to San Vicente Blvd in Santa Monica, aka bike racer central (it has a long stretch with no lights or stop signs, a good bike lane and it's freshly paved), and concentrated on staying around 20 mph, and as fast as i could stand it on the downhills (top speed? about 25 mph, but I almost wet my pants while I was doing it). Upside, 20 mph only seems slightly scary now.

I did about 20k in an hour, which isn't super fast, but it's a good start.

Now, off to stretch before work tonight.

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  1. You will soon get use to it. I hit a down hill here in FL and hit 43mph. That was scary!



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