Friday, May 13, 2011

And we're off!

The car's all loaded up tonight because it's race day tomorrow - it's the LA tri series #2 in San Dimas (drive east until you reach the middle of nowhere, continue 10 miles, then turn left). I'm just doing the sprint distance (300m swim, 13.5k bike and 5k run), but it'll be my first mass swim start ever, so I'm kind of nervous.

I've spent this week trying to get Gary's handlebar situation worked out (they keep sagging mid-ride - Gary's terribly embarrassed and swears this has never, ever happened before), and now I think everything's good to go, although I'm taking the hex set with me just in case.

Transition opens at 6, but since my wave doesn't go off until 8:25, I probably won't get there until about 6:30. Yes, I know all the good spots on the racks will be gone, but I'm probably going to be near the back of the pack so it shouldn't be too crowded during transitions, and I want to sleep the extra half-hour.

My main concern tonight is that I got a tetanus shot at my yearly checkup today, and my arm hurts like hell tonight. Hopefully it'll be better in the morning.

Check back for a race report, and I'll see if I can get any photos. Last time I just didn't think about it.

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