Wednesday, May 4, 2011

The pool water needs a twist of lime

I love masters swimming. My swim group are a very nice bunch of folks who push me to push myself, and the coach is a great guy, even if he does yell at people a lot ("finish that stroke!" "stop on that wall again and I'll get in that lane with you!").

But every so often I just have a bad swim day. Yesterday, my sinuses just wouldn't clear (hello summer) so I had a terrible time breathing and for some reason it was "throw water in Rachel's face" day at the pool.

No matter which side I breathed out of, I got either elbow water from the person passing me or a big wave if I breathed toward the wall.

By the end of the hour I'd swallowed about three gallons of pool water, which was much less refreshing than one might imagine.

Since it was so hot yesterday, I didn't ride my bike the 6 miles to the gym like I usually do, which, in retrospect was a good thing since I'm not sure I'd have made it home on a tummy full of pool water.

Well, I might have, but I I'd have left an awful mess somewhere along the way.

Today, I'm going to the beach to practice ocean swimming, by which I mean I'm going to wade into the water and float until I'm numb. Then, I'll go to the farmer's market and buy some stuff that I don't have to cook.

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