Sunday, May 22, 2011

Busy Saturday

Saturday started out with an 8 am group run for Team in Training. I worked late the night before, so I didn't have a lot of sleep and didn't have time to eat before I left home - I just grabbed the bike and headed out.

The run was good. Earlier in the week I found a pair of the K-Swiss blades at the discount shoe store, and Saturday was the first run on them. I was worried that they didn't have enough arch support, but they're really comfy, lightweight and since they don't have laces, I didn't have to worry about shoe tying at all. Even though I wasn't wearing socks I got no blisters and had none of my usual lace-related numb toes.

We ran about a 5k in the park and afterwards I was so hungry I could have eaten most of my teammates. I had a Lara bar, which, although not very satisfying, did prevent any cannibalism on my part. 

 Right after the run, I went to the Santa Monica farmer's market to get veggies, then went back out to the park and did Mission: Possible with Jenna Phillips (core workout, heavy on the yoga based strength moves. It's surprisingly ass-kicking and if you're in the area, I recommend it). Of course, since I'd run a 5k earlier in the day, Jenna made us do 50 yard sprints.

After a quick trip home to change into less smelly clothes and put on some makeup, I went to the Montana Ave sidewalk sale. A friend's tea store was having it's grand opening so I wanted to swing by and offer moral support.

the dress hides the padded bike shorts

There wasn't much for me to buy on the sidewalks. Most of my impulse purchases fall into the realm of sporting goods, and all the shops seemed to have were foofy dresses, high heels and lingerie for women with no boobs.

Mmmm.. yarn..
The notable exception was the knitting store, who  had a super amazing sale. I got four skeins of 'cashwool' which are normally $30 per for $10 each. Score. Only problem was getting everything home, since I only had the grocery bag pannier with me.
Santa Monica PD horses.

After finding my friend's tea shop, I sat and chatted for a while until my legs started to stiffen up, so I pedaled back home, sat in the tub for a while and then  watched old episodes of 'Numbers' on Netflix while rubbing my legs and being bummed that the Rapture didn't happen (I was all set to loot).
It's so ugly I love it. No, I didn't buy it.

Today  is my rest day so I'm going to go do a yoga class and then sit in the hot tub at the gym.

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