Monday, May 9, 2011

A peek inside my fridge and an interesting challenge

I've never been much of one for junk food. All in all, I eat pretty healthy (except the occasional slice of pizza and sake - not together, of course), but it's time to really step up to the plate, so to speak.

Can I, for the next 30 days, eat no processed foods and no sugar?

This is my own interpretation of the Whole 30 challenge - I don't want to do the paleo/primal version that's presented on the website, as I don't feel well when I'm on any sort of low-carb diet, so I'm going to modify - plenty of good healthy complex carbs, no sugar and (shocker for me) no alcohol.

Not even on weekends.

One month of eating in a truly healthy manner.

We'll see how I do when confronted with an empty afternoon and happy hour right around the corner. Right now, I'm enjoying one last glass of sake, and then it's on the straight and narrow for the next four weeks.

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