Thursday, July 12, 2012

The Race Bag

One of the things I do before a race is to put a bag in the living room, and then just throw in random stuff that I may or may not need as I think of it (or find it, in the case of stuff I don't use very often, like my race belt).

For me, this helps to avoid that 'day before' panic as I scramble around, wondering where the hell I left the Bodyglide.

Gear Bag
Obviously, I probably don't need and won't use everything in the bag, but for some reason just having it makes me feel less panic-y about possibly forgetting something.

Normally, I do my final sort-through the night before the race, when I've got a better idea about conditions (maybe I won't need the toe covers, or the knee warmers), but since Vineman's got a split transition area and I'll have to drop off my T2 stuff on Saturday, I'll have to do a sort through tomorrow and figure it out a bit early.

I'll probably bring more than I need to the gear drop, and then pull what I don't need out - but I'm not wearing a tri suit this time. I'm going to wear bike shorts and then change into my nice, comfy lightweight Brooks running shorts for the run.

So right now I've got a shaker, some Recoverite and coconut water, baby wipes (post bike - get that chamois cream off), toe covers, knee warmers, a rash guard in case the swim's not wetsuit legal (sunburn), hat, socks (I have to wear socks on the bike and the run or I'm miserable and blistery), body glide, suit juice, cliff bars, deodorant, Endurolytes, race belt, goggles (main pair and a spare), sunblock, etc...

Yes, I know I'm overpacking, and I really won't take all this stuff with me to the race, but it makes me feel more prepared to have it stacked in a pile, waiting for me to choose it.

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