Friday, July 6, 2012

Last build weekend!

Yesterday, I rode my race distance on the bike - between the hills on PCH, the fact that I'm way undertrained on the bike, and the winds, I did 53.3 miles in 3:21:24, with a 15.8 mph average speed.

That's a bit slower than I should be able to do it, but I made my choice to concentrate on the run, so I've got to live with what I have. I've gained almost 2 minutes per mile on the run - a sustained low 10 (with a high 8 on the downhills) up from a 12 (although if it's really going to be 95 degrees, I'm going to hand back some of that speed), so hopefully it'll balance out.

Today, I swim my race distance (after having the masters' coach make me do 200 butterfly yesterday!),sit in the sauna (again), and run, then do a long bike again on Saturday, do a long run on Sunday and then it's the final taper week.

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