Sunday, April 1, 2012

A sunny April Fool's Day

After either working insane hours or having it rain buckets (seems to alternate lately), I actually have a day off when it's sunny and gorgeous outside!

Although going for a run is tempting, I'm going to be good and aqua jog at the pool (sigh). Since it dumped rain last night, the roads are still a bit too wet to bike, but hopefully should dry out by afternoon since I'd love to get a ride in, even a slowish one on the commuter bike.

On another note, I love Google Voice.

It came in handy last week. I'd signed up on a job hunting website (just seeing what's out there), and it required a phone number, so I gave the Google Voice number.

24 hours later, I was getting robo-calls from some college sales department (not a good college, one of those internet ones), to the tune of 3 per hour. Crazy.

Thankfully, I was able to block the number through Google because if they'd had my actual cell number I would have been able to do nothing about it (thanks, Verizon).


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