Friday, June 29, 2012

Chest pain ahoy!

This past week, I had my annual physical and mentioned to the doctor that I've been having trouble breathing when running or swimming hard (totally fine on the bike) - I feel like I've got a band around my upper chest and I start to wheeze, and then I have to stop for a few seconds before I can breathe normally again.

Using an informal poll of other runners and swimmers, I managed to diagnose myself with Exercise Induced Asthma, and figured that the doctor would just write me a prescription for an inhaler and then all would be sunshine and rainbows.

Except it didn't work like that. The doctor actually looked alarmed and insisted that I see a cardiologist, which, frankly, I thought was a bit much but I suppose that if one has a middle-aged patient complaining of chest tightness when running, it's probably better to rule out anything really life-threatening.

So, Tuesday I'm off to the Cardiologist to have them check my heart for worms. Or something. I was a bit unclear on what, exactly might be wrong with me.

Hopefully nothing, and I'll get the inhaler* and then I'll be able to breathe normally when running, so I'll win the race at Vineman!

*Inhaler does not produce stated effects.

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  1. Good luck at Vineman, hope to do that race some day.


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