Wednesday, May 2, 2012

A very pleasant surprise.

Since the run has been my weak event, well, since forever, this season I've really been focusing on running.

I've been using the Adidas MiCoach App - set to half-marathon - for my run training instead of the standard 70.3 triathlon training plan.  I'm also doing a run-centric weight plan from the same website.

So far, it's been a good choice, as my run has improved greatly, but unfortunately it's come at the expense of the bike. Somethings gotta give, right?

I've not been getting in the bike workouts that I should, so today I went into work early with the idea of leaving early and getting in a bike this afternoon.

Despite leaden afternoon skies, I headed out to do a few hill repeats.

To my utter astonishment, not only have I not lost any bike fitness at all, but I'm actually going faster and stronger on the hills than usual.

I don't know if it's the run or the weights or the break.

I'm fatiguing a bit sooner - I was beat to shit three repeats in instead of four, which is what I can normally handle, but I'll chalk that up to not having been on the bike consistently in six weeks.

I'm very happy right now!

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