Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Two months until Vineman!

As you can see from the widget thingy down there, it's now 60 days until Vineman 70.3. My first half Iron distance.

I'm setting very, very low expectations, as I just want to finish, and preferably not dead last, but I'm actually feeling pretty good about it.

I've not gotten in the long rides that I probably should have, but the hill repeats are going nicely and I feel like the bike's doing fine.

The run is doing well - I'm still not going very fast (at the moment I'm averaging 10 minute miles), but I'm confident that I'll at least be able to finish.

I need to get in some long bikes, so I'll make an extra effort to get those in before the race, but I'm feeling pretty good!

The only thing that's worrying me is the logistics of parking at the race start and finishing 17 miles away. If I can hitch a ride to the start with someone so I don't have to leave my bike in T2 while I shuttle back to get my car, that would be freakin' stellar.  Or maybe I'll live rich and spring for a taxi, if I can find on in Napa at 4 am on a Sunday.

Also, of course, tomorrow is bike to work day and I'm going to have to drive because I'm going out to a site 30 miles from my house.

Oh, well.  I've been biking to work every day for almost three weeks.

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