Tuesday, May 15, 2012

I'm so glad I drove my car today

I've hit that mid-training cycle slump where I hurt, I'm tired, nothing's funny any more and I can't sleep. Small slights become worthy of a three generation long blood feud, and even worse, I've stopped caring about puppies and kittens. And rainbows.

Fuck 'em all.

So I used a Groupon for a massage - usually these can be a waste of time at best, but lucky for me, the awesome masseur was a hiker and really knew where to put the pressure to get all the gunk out of my muscles.

I didn't even consider riding my bike the 7 miles to the massage place. Well, okay, I did, but dismissed the idea as silly as I'd be undoing any good of the massage right away.

One has a much different perception of traffic when one hasn't driven for almost three weeks. Sitting in gridlock with the A/C running, listening to music, not having to dodge doors and road debris. Awesome.

I got to the massage place, and met the masseur. We talked for a few minutes about where I hurt, and he got to work. 

He used a lot of pressure and it hurt like hell while he was doing it, but I feel really great now. Even the glute that's been sort of sore for a few weeks feels fine, and the Achilles tendon's finally stopped bothering me, although I don't think I can chalk that up to the massage.

I feel so good right now I'm not even dreading the hill repeats on the bike tomorrow.

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  1. Ahahah I just wound up here via a Slowtwitch forum post @ Expedition Man... Oooh mid training slump. I hear you! Good luck at Vineman! Getting down to the wire!


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