Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Look what's arrived!

 That's right. My replacement chest strap for my HRM that Polar sent me.

My old chest strap was a long hard piece of plastic that went across the front of the chest with a thin elastic across the back. This one's softer and wider, and the transmitter snaps onto it for ease of washing and replacement.

At some point during my swim, I forgot I had it on,  it's so very nice and comfy. It lost signal right when I got in the water, but picked it back up and I never got the dreaded 00 after that.

It also came with a hard plastic something that looks like a bike mount for the wrist band. I might use it during a spin class, but God knows I've already got enough crap clipped to Gary's handlebars when I ride, so I'll be keeping the wrist band on my wrist for rides.

This is an excellent example of a company creating customer loyalty with good service. Because of this, Polar have definitely won my loyalty. Yay, Polar!

In other news, it's getting hot around here, and while it's great fun to ride along the beach bike path, I'm having a terrible time getting the sand out of Gary's chain after said beach rides. I'm going to have to switch out his cassette (I'm currently riding on whatever six gear was laying on the table at Bikerowave when I was working on Gary, but I really want to go back to a 7 speed), so when I do that I'll pull the chain off and give it a good scrubbing.

I had one of those chain washer things that Park Tool makes, but it got broken when I moved so I'm back to scrubbing the chain the old fashioned way.

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