Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Back in the gym, for now

Currently, the Santa Ana winds are blowing here in Los Angeles, which means that the air is hot, dry and, well, gross. Since it's blowing from inland to the ocean, all the allergens, pollution and general malaise that float in the air are now headed straight for me.

Mainly, it's the hot and dry that causes my problems. Hot because, well, it's hot. Dry because the dry air makes me cough like I'm about to die. I had originally intended to do a 30 ish mile bike ride today, but upon waking up with dry eyes, a dry nose, and a dry throat, I decided to stay indoors. 

So, I went to the gym. Since I hate doing cardio at the gym (running in place is intolerable, even with trash TV to distract me), I did weights and then a yoga class to stretch out.

I haven't done much weight training since the triathlon season started, so it hurt. Way more than I remember weights hurting, but  then again the yoga hurt, too.  Mainly because of all the bending.

Then I went and sat in the steam room and felt awesome until I had to go back outside.

Hopefully, the hot and dry will be over soon - according to the weather report, it should only be like this for another couple of days.

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