Sunday, September 11, 2011

I'm hip and didn't even know it!

Today, I took Gary to Bikerowave for a pre-race tune up and scrubbing (no matter how hard I try, I just can't get all the sand out of Gary's chain unless I take it off and put it in the solvent tank - the chain, not the sand).

While I was there, another guy came in with a Centurion (one model up from Gary), and informed me that that these bikes are the new hot thing amongst the hipster set.


I feel like I need a sign that reads "I had this bike before it was hip" so that no one mistakes me for a hipster while I'm riding.

I guess I'm okay, though - I'm not wearing anything that could even be remotely interpreted as 'hip' and Gary's got a lot of uncool aftermarket parts that some guy in a fedora and girl jeans just wouldn't tolerate.

Also I haven't yet changed Gary's bar tape because I'm being silly and superstitious. We've ridden the Malibu course four of five times with the old bar tape and I'm afraid to change it before the race. I know it's stupid - flame on.

The race is Saturday! I don't know if I'm ready, but Gary is!


  1. "some guy in a fedora and girl jeans" hahaha..good stuff. As for the bar tape, perfectly understandable. What's that saying "No new things on race day"

  2. I have a Centurion Cinelli Equipe that is still my main bike. I did triathlons inluding 5 Ironman distances races on it in the 1980s. My wife has a Centurion Lemans 12 that has less than 200 miles on it. I couldn't convince her to like biking. She keeps wanting me to throw it away, but I say that someone may want it some day. So do I have to find a hipster?

  3. Jim - What size is it and how much?

    No, wait... *Grits teeth* Must. Not. Buy. More. Bikes.


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