Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Radio silence

About five weeks ago, I sprained my hip.

I didn't even know that was possible.

It hurt so much it kept me up at night, but worse than that was that everything - absolutely everything - irritated it. Running? Out. Biking? Out. Swimming? Oh, you better believe that was out.

Guess I'm an exercise addict because within a week I became the sourest, angriest, most horrible person you can possibly imagine. I'd try to write a post and it would turn into the rant from that angry jerk that you try to back away from and escape.

So I took a bit of a break.

As of right now, my hip is still sprained, but it's better. I can run for short distances (about 40 minutes), but I still can't bike or swim, which sucks...

Sucks, I tell you. I'm spending a fortune in gas because I can't bike everywhere and I love to swim and not being able to do it makes me super sad.

Next week, the orthopedist is going to shoot it with some sort of steroid, which should help - especially since I'm now having horrible knee pain.

Can't imagine why.

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