Tuesday, September 11, 2012

The squeezy shorts

Besides being slow, the main problem I've had with running is my hamstrings and IT bands tightening. I can foam roll all I want, stop and stretch all I want, and nothing seems to help. Hell, I've even tried that weird-looking tape stuff. No help.

So, I figured that I'd try compression shorts, which a good friend swears are the best thing she's ever worn while running.

A few clicks on the Internet and I became the proud owner of some CW-X 'conditioning shorts'.  The description stated that they were for running, but according to the manufacturer's site, they're for recovery, so I'm confused.

First thing, they're incredibly uncomfortable, which I guess isn't a surprise given that they're compression shorts. As soon as I got them on, I had to pee - but since it took a lot of hilarious gyrating to get into them, I opted to just hold it for the duration of my 40 minute run.

They also gave me horrible camel toe. No, I'm not kidding. I wasn't sure if I'd be able to run with 10 yards of Lycra up in my lady business, but the having to pee thing totally took my mind off it.

Note super sexy muffin top and pained expression

Actually, the wedgie wasn't all that bad once I started moving bu what you can't see is that the way the shorts dissipate sweat it looks like I pee'd myself. Or maybe I did - I don't know, everything was kind of jammed up down there.

Also, it was hard to breathe because of the compression over the lower abs - since I breathe out of the bottoms of my lungs, not the top it was very noticeable, especially when I was running up a slight hill and got a bit winded.

I did feel some support from the shorts, but not on the outside of the leg where I really need it. My glutes felt really good, though.

I think I'm going to stick with my lightweight shorts for now, as it's still hot and maybe give these a try again when it's cooler.

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