Thursday, August 23, 2012

Finally, I can think again.

It's been hot. Not seasonally hot for Los Angeles, but much too hot and much too humid.

One of the bad things about living near the beach is that none of the apartments have air-conditioning. The reasoning is that it never really gets hot at the beach, so you'll never need it.

Normally, this is true - even if it's hot during the day, it cools off at night, but for the past few weeks it's just been sweltering around the clock, meaning I've just not been able to gather my thoughts enough to do more than moan about the heat and take cold baths.

Thankfully, the heat's finally broken and it's once again beach weather - right now it's cloudy and overcast and I've never been happier!

I've not been doing much bike riding due to the heat (no, really, it's been too hot to ride), but I've got no excuse now!

Also, gas has shot up to over $4 per gallon, so driving doesn't look all that attractive now, even with the car's air conditioner.

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