Wednesday, April 20, 2011

REI gives back - to me!

One of the things that  I love about REI is the annual dividend.

I take my little certificate in, pick something out and get it for either free or at a greatly reduced cost.
This year, I got this:

A Novara grocery bag pannier!

After they applied my dividend, I owed them a whopping 23 cents. Sweet.

I already have a pair of panniers, but they're heavy waterproof zip top compression dealies that are great on long trips (they stop load shift), but I wanted something that was a bit more short errand friendly.

This one has shoulder straps, and is about the size of a grocery bag (hence the name), so I can just throw it on the back rack and not have to do the squeeze and zip of the big panniers.

 I love you, REI!

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